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Case Studies

Toys and Games PR Case Study

Hasbro Family Game Night


Reintroduce Hasbro Family Game Night as a cultural movement and establish it as a tradition in homes across the country.


  • Hunter PR began the campaign re-launch with a traditional media focus. To increase Family Game Night’s longevity, Hunter PR declared September 27 National Family Game Night and incorporated social media efforts into the program.
  • We created a strong celebrity connection to Hasbro Family Game Night by working with the “Suarez” family from ABC’s Ugly Betty, who became the family “face” of the event. We also placed Hasbro games in national talk show green rooms and stocked the show guests’ game closets with Hasbro games. This effort resulted in multiple on-air game mentions and photo opportunities.
  • Throughout the campaign, Hunter PR expanded Family Game Night’s social media presence by launching the Family Game Night Facebook page and growing a Twitter following through Family Game Night Twitter parties.


The program has generated more than 260 million impressions from 2,600 placements since 2008, including: The Today Show, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, USA Weekend, The Wall Street Journal, Ladies’ Home Journal, People, Redbook, First For Women, FOX News.com, InStyle online and Access Hollywood online.

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Hasbro Public Relations

Tori Spelling and husband, Dean McDermott, cozied up for a Family Game Night with Cranium and Candy Land.