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Case Studies

Toys & Games Case Study

Monopoly Save Your Token

Hasbro, Inc., had continuously tasked its agency partners with keeping the nearly 80-year-old MONOPOLY brand relevant to today’s consumers. To reignite Hasbro’s iconic MONOPOLY game brand and elevate it within pop culture, Hunter Public Relations helped develop the global MONOPOLY “Save Your Token” campaign, a worldwide vote on Facebook that would result in one of the classic eight tokens being replaced by a new token in the game. The vote on Facebook resulted in retirement of the iron, the introduction of the fan-favorite new cat token, as well as 2+ BILLION earned media impressions and an increase in the game’s sales for the first nine months of that year.

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    The hosts of TODAY unveil the cat token, the newest addition to Hasbro's MONOPOLY game, on the show's set in New York City.