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Case Studies

Health and Beauty Public Relations Case Study

Baby Orajel Soothes Baby’s Gums and Mom’s Nerves


Spark additional sales for Baby Orajel teething pain medication during peak teething season.


  • Armed with the knowledge that more babies enter the teething stage in March than any other month, Hunter PR declared March to be “National Teething Month.”
  • To help spread the word about this new holiday, Hunter PR commissioned a survey about “fussy baby frustrations” to determine America’s feelings about cranky babies.
  • Then, focusing on the positive side of teething, Hunter PR created a ‘Baby’s First Tooth’ photo contest and promoted it heavily to mom bloggers. Ten contest finalists appeared on Baby Orajel’s website for an online vote to determine the winning grin.


  • Survey results were featured in USA Today, and several hundred parents entered photos of their babies’ toothy grins into the Baby’s First Tooth contest.

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Baby Orajel Public Relations

“Nothing but the Tooth….” While teething can be a difficult time for both parent and baby, Baby Orajel helped consumers celebrate the milestone of their baby’s first tooth with a photo contest showcasing happy babies and their toothy grins.