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Food and Beverage Public Relations

Since its founding in 1989, Hunter PR has specialized in food and beverage-focused public relations, maintaining some of the longest standing client-agency partnerships in the industry. In addition to our 29-year relationship with McIlhenny’s Tabasco, you’ll find some of America’s most recognizable and most respected food, wine and spirits companies in our roster of clients, including Diageo, E&J Gallo, Post Cereals and the Campbell Soup Company.

Hunter PR also served as the founding member of the Food & Beverage division of the Public Relations Society of America, and we conduct an annual food editor study to identify the top 10 food stories of the year. Our reports have received coverage in both major food publications and trade magazines.

To obtain a copy of the survey and the results from the past 15 years, please contact us.

Food and Beverage PR

Whether it’s delivering "Drops of Good" with Maxwell House, celebrating National Pierogy Day with Mrs. T’s Pierogies or launching the Apple & Eve Fruitables School Music Mash-Up Contest, Hunter PR has practically done it all in the food and beverage arena.

Developing and executing award-winning public relations programs has helped Hunter PR establish and maintain strong relationships throughout the food and grocery trade communities. We leverage our access to and alliances with high-profile chefs, restaurateurs, food photographers, food influencers and food organizations to solidify meaningful consumer and trade media coverage—in both traditional and social media outlets—for you and your products.

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Wine and Spirits PR

Hunter PR has extensive experience servicing—and serving—many of the world’s best wine and spirits brands, whether through new product launch parties, distillery press trips, celebrity seeding or event sponsorships. As you can imagine, we’ve helped our clients get ink in all the key wine and spirits columns, but we don’t stop there: we also generate coverage for these brands in art, backpacking, surfing and even gardening publications.

Our real strength lies in developing strategic programs that truly capture each brand’s personality. We remind consumers that their favorite brands should serve as an accessory to their lifestyles and passions. We have inspired outdoor enthusiasts with Redwood Creek Wines’ Campfire Classic Cook-off Contest, cleaned up beaches across the country through an award-winning partnership between Barefoot Wine and not-for-profit Surfrider Foundation, and hosted a series of traveling Mexican art exhibitions on behalf of Tequila Don Julio.

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Nutrition and Wellness PR

Hunter PR develops and manages a wide variety of successful nutrition and wellness public relations campaigns and influencer outreach programs. We’ve helped launch the American Heart Association's "Billion Calorie Count UP," spread the word about Francesco Rinaldi’s no salt-added pasta sauces, and promoted the 24 nutrients, antioxidants and electrolytes in Emergen-C.

Our team of practitioners, including a registered dietitian as consultant, enjoys long-standing relationships with food and health media nationwide. Our experience also includes coordinating government partnerships, translating scientific data into consumer-friendly messaging, developing and managing educational websites, and engaging consumers via social media. Hunter PR's particular expertise lies in campaigns that focus on the prevention of diabetes, obesity, heart disease and breast cancer.

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Food & Beverage Public Relations